Monday, September 5, 2016

How not to carry a fire hose

Williamtown, circa 1970, rostered for fire crew. The first thing I noticed was the Firies were a lot more particular about rank than techos - AC, LAC, CPL etc. Nothing of the more relaxed familiarity I had become accustomed to in 77.
At the start of the shift we had the 'training session'. This included how to carry the fire hose over the shoulder at the same time protecting the family jewels from the hardware on the ends of the hose.
'AC Bloggs will now demonstrate how to carry the hose' says the Sgt. So Blogs - a firey of course - hoists the hose onto his shoulder and steps off with the hard bits dangling down his back.
'AC Blogs will NOW demonstrate how to carry the hose the RIGHT way' states the Sgt, a little more firmly.
So AC Blogs reverses the position so that now those hard bits are rather close to that which was meant to be protected, and again steps off.
'Don't you know how to carry the hose correctly AC Blogs' yelled a now exasperated Sgt.

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