Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hot Pursuit

When I first got to Williamtown in 1969 if, on the way home, one picked up an undesired pursuer, if you could beat them to the gate and throw your ID at the guard on your way through you were home free. Sadly, the powers that be came to an agreement with the local constabulary allowing right of pursuit.

Now there is a story that goes something like this to do with pursuit, but not onto the Base. As the member involved was a serving member at the time it is unlikely to be Willy urban myth.
There was a F/Sgt (framie I think) who had a thing about Vincent Black Shadows. Mokka Clarke rings a bell. On this particular night he was on his way home to the Terrace when a member of the local constabulary wanted to talk to him about his riding style. So Mokka gunned it. He got home and was sitting in the lounge room when there was a knock on the door. The door was opened and there stood the man in blue.

Of course the good F/Sgt pleaded not guilty. 'Right', said the cop, 'show me your bike.' Only happy to oblige the cop was escorted to the garage. There stood three Black Shadows, all cold.
'I don't know how you did it' said the cop, 'but I know it was you.'

Meanwhile, around the back of the garage, out of view of the cop, stood a rather hot motor cycle.

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