Saturday, December 21, 2013

My Day in Court

One memory of Butterworth brings a smile to my face whenever I am required to fill out applications for car insurance - and perhaps other things.

'Have you ever been convicted of a traffic offence? Please provide details'.

Being an honest man, I always answer yes - for wearing a full face helmet.

A lot of us wore these in the latter half of the 70s in Butterworth although they were illegal - probably because of the communist activity in the country. Local cops never worried us. One day as we turned into the gate the SPs (Service Police, or Spits as we lovingly called them) were there along with members of the local constabulary. Our lids were confiscated and an appointment arranged with the beak.

I rode home that afternoon with a borrowed lid that was about 3 sizes too small for me.

The day came and I had my appointment with the magistrate in the Butterworth court house. Wooden floor, basic furniture and ceiling fan. It was hot.

I forget what the fine was but I did get the lid back. And I would love to see the face of the clerk who goes through my application whenever I fill one in.

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